Recently, an electric vehicle user raised such a question: The electric bicycle I just bought is very slow. Can I add a battery to make it faster? For this question, the answer of Motorow-Tech company’s after-sales technical service group is that it is not possible to add batteries for four main reasons.

First, the battery box size limit, can not add new batteries

Everyone knows that batteries are carefully designed before they leave the factory, including the size of the battery box. Only when the battery is made will there be no leakage due to shaking. Taking a 48V electric bicycle as an example, it is composed of four 12V small batteries, and the battery box has and can only accommodate 4 small batteries. It is not possible to add new batteries.

Second, the new national standard for electric vehicles is restricted, and electric bicycles with new batteries added on their own cannot be on the road.

In the new national standard, the battery of electric bicycles cannot exceed 48V. If users want to add new batteries, they obviously do not meet the new national standard, and such electric vehicles will be classified as non-standard vehicles. Even if the user has obtained a license, such an electric vehicle still cannot enjoy the right of way, which is an illegal modification. Maybe many people want to say, can you classify this type of car as an electric motorcycle? The answer is no. Therefore, from this point, electric bicycles cannot be charged with batteries.

Third, the rate of failure of electric bicycles without batteries is higher

In theory, electric bicycles ride slowly, and adding a battery can make them faster. However, from a practical point of view, adding a battery is likely to burn out the motor or controller, making the failure rate of electric bicycles higher. This means that if a battery is to be added, the motor and controller must be swapped and matched. From this point of view, the disadvantages of adding a battery are greater than the benefits, and the cost is too high, so you cannot add a battery.

Four, electric bicycles added batteries without permission have greater safety risks

It is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, electric bicycles with privately added batteries have worse stability and greater risks. Second, electric bicycles with batteries added are not within the scope of the manufacturer’s three guarantees. If there are problems with electric vehicles, they can only be solved at their own expense. Therefore, electric bicycles ride slowly, and adding a battery will not work.

In short, Developing environmental high-tech products always been the main focus areas of Motorow-Tech company. Specialize in designing, manufacturing and marketing for electric scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards and skateboards. From these four points, electric bicycles even at speed Slow, can not add batteries. In fact, users do not need to increase the speed by adding batteries. Based on the current market situation, electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles can be used on the road.

Post time: Apr-23-2020